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Further Information on Academic Mobbing

Read the Two-Page Brief Introduction to Academic Mobbing by the Canadian expert Prof. Dr. Kenneth Westhues in Academic Matters:
Download PDF (read article pages 18-19):
Read PDF online (go to the PDF pages 15-16 to read the article pages 18-19):

Another intriguing recent article on Academic Mobbing is by the American expert Prof. Dr. Sherry Moss in Nature:

An outstanding article on Academic Mobbing is also by the Canadian expert Prof. Dr. Eve Seguin in University Affairs:

Two short, but helpful, Academic Mobbing articles are by the Austrian expert Prof. Dr. Rotraud A. Perner in the Austrian Standard: [EN] [EN]

Another brief introduction to Academic Mobbing (particularly, of medical doctors) is by two German law experts as follows:

Network of dismissed professors (Netzwerk entlassener ProfessorInnen) (NEP):

Recent empirical analysis of the dismissal of university professors and Academic Mobbing:
EN: Dismissal and public demotion of professors: An empirical analysis of structural commonalities in apparently different ‘cases’
DE: Entlassung und öffentliche Degradierung von Professorinnen. Eine empirische Analyse struktureller Gemeinsamkeiten anscheinend unterschiedlicher „Fälle“

N2 Position Paper about Power Abuse and Conflict Resolution by the Helmholtz Juniors, the Doctoral Researchers of the IPP Mainz, the Leibniz PhD Network, and the Max Planck PhDnet, representing 15,000 PhD students in Germany:
EN: Conflict Resolution and Power Abuse in Science
DE: Konfliktlösung und Machtmissbrauch in der Wissenschaft

N2 Survey Results about Power Abuse in Academia by the Helmholtz Juniors, the Doctoral Researchers of the IPP Mainz, the Leibniz PhD Network, and the Max Planck PhDnet, representing 15,000 PhD students in Germany:
Manifestations of power abuse in academia and how to prevent them

Former Bullied Into Bad Science campaign collecting signatures for a fairer, more open and ethical research and publication environment:

Mobbing Indicators (questionnaires and check lists):
- Negative acts questionnaire (NAQ) of 22 mobbing actions
- Westhues check list (WAMI) of 16 mobbing actions
- Leymann questionnaire (LIPT) of 45 mobbing actions: EN, DE, FR
- Esser & Wolmerarth catalog (EWC) of 100 mobbing actions in German (PDF reference)

Wikipedia Articles:
Workplace bullying in academia:
Workplace bullying:
Bullying in medicine:
Psychopathy in the workplace:
Legal aspects of workplace bullying:


Scientific misconduct:
Academic dishonesty:

Recent Cases (affected persons, targets and/or victims) of Academic Mobbing/Bossing or Stalking (or of similar scientific misconduct against the academic career), please report more such cases:

Antimobbing Video Information:
Bystander Revolution Videos
Selected Antimobbing Videos
The Anatomy of an Academic Mobbing

The Mobbing Portal:

Mobbing Information and books by Prof. Dr. Kenneth Westhues:
- Academic Mobbing Information:
- Further Work and Books about Mobbing (as listed below):
- "The Unkindly Art of Mobbing":
- "Eliminating Professors - A Guide to the Dismissal Process":
- "Workplace Mobbing in Academe - Reports from Twenty Universities":
- "The Envy of Excellence - Administrative Mobbing of High-Achieving Professors":
- "The Remedy and Prevention of Mobbing in Higher Education - Two Case Studies":
- "Targets of Annoyed Capitalists":
- "The Anatomy of an Academic Mobbing":
- "Mobbing as a Factor in Faculty Work Life":

The Mobbing Encyclopaedia by Prof. Dr. Heinz Leymann:

Workplace Bullying Institute:

Workplace Bullying and Mobbing:
Bullying at work:
Workplace Mobbing:
Overcome Bullying:
Tactics Against Bullying at work:
Mobbees United:
Workplace and Suicide Prevention:

Tim Field Foundation Information:

Bystander Revolution Organization Information:

Bullied Academics:
Bullying of academics in higher education:
Institutional bullying:
Death in academia and the mis-measurement of science:
Mobbing can damage more than careers:
Physical and psychological abuse in Canadian operating rooms:

Facebook Group for Workplace Bullying in Higher Education:
Yahoo Group for Bullied Academics:

Abuse Wiki:

Critical Mass:

Minding the Workplace:

International Whistleblowing Research Network:

The (failed) European Charter for Researchers & The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers [PDF] (DE: Europäische Charta für Forscher/Charta der Wissenschaft & Verhaltenskodex für die Einstellung von Forschern [PDF]):
EN: (Former) Declarations of Endorsement of Charter & Code