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Further Information on Academic Mobbing

Read the Two-Page Brief Introduction to Academic Mobbing by the Canadian expert Prof. Dr. Kenneth Westhues in Academic Matters:
Download PDF (read article pages 18-19):
Read PDF online (go to the PDF pages 15-16 to read the article page 18-19):

Another outstanding recent article on Academic Mobbing is by the Canadian expert Prof. Dr. Eve Seguin in University Affairs:

Two short, but helpful, Academic Mobbing articles are by the Austrian expert Prof. Dr. Rotraud A. Perner in the Austrian Standard: [EN] [EN]

Another brief introduction to Academic Mobbing (particularly, of medical doctors) is by two German law experts as follows:

Current Bullied Into Bad Science campaign collecting signatures for a fairer, more open and ethical research and publication environment:

Mobbing Indicators (questionnaires and check lists):
- Negative acts questionnaire (NAQ) of 22 mobbing actions
- Westhues check list (WAMI) of 16 mobbing actions
- Leymann questionnaire (LIPT) of 45 mobbing actions: EN, DE, FR
- Wolmerarth & Ess catalog (WEC) of 100 mobbing actions (in German)

Wikipedia Articles:
Workplace bullying in academia:
Workplace bullying:
Bullying in medicine:
Psychopathy in the workplace:
Legal aspects of workplace bullying:


Scientific misconduct:
Academic dishonesty:

Recent Cases (affected persons, targets and/or victims) of Academic Mobbing/Bossing or Stalking (or of similar scientific misconduct against the academic career), please report more such cases:

Antimobbing Video Information:
Selected Antimobbing Videos
The Anatomy of an Academic Mobbing

The Mobbing Portal:

Mobbing Information and books by Prof. Dr. Kenneth Westhues:
- Academic Mobbing Information:
- Further Work and Books about Mobbing (as listed below):
- "The Unkindly Art of Mobbing":
- "Eliminating Professors - A Guide to the Dismissal Process":
- "Workplace Mobbing in Academe - Reports from Twenty Universities":
- "The Envy of Excellence - Administrative Mobbing of High-Achieving Professors":
- "The Remedy and Prevention of Mobbing in Higher Education - Two Case Studies":
- "Targets of Annoyed Capitalists":
- "The Anatomy of an Academic Mobbing":
- "Mobbing as a Factor in Faculty Work Life":

The Mobbing Encyclopaedia by Prof. Dr. Heinz Leymann:

Workplace Bullying Institute:

Workplace Bullying and Mobbing:
Bullying at work:
Workplace mobbing:
Overcome bullying:
Tactics against bullying at work:
Mobbees united:

Tim Field Foundation Information:

Bullied Academics:
Bullying of academics in higher education:
Institutional bullying:
Death in academia and the mis-measurement of science:
Mobbing can damage more than careers:
Physical and psychological abuse in Canadian operating rooms:

Facebook Group for Workplace Bullying in Higher Education:
Yahoo Group for Bullied Academics:

Abuse Wiki:

Critical Mass:

Minding the Workplace:

International Whistleblowing Research Network: